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Featured Veneers

At Exotic Hardwoods & Veneers, we specialize in procuring the world's most beautiful woods.

With a virtually unlimited palette of colors and figures in native American as well as imported species, you can use the warmth and radiance of real woods to customize your interior projects.

We will provide wall panels, ceiling panels, and doors made to your specifications. You provide the design for timeless, elegant, exquisite appeal.

Whether it's for kitchens or boardrooms, residential or commercial settings, you can count on us for the highest quality and workmanship.

Call and make an appointment to visit our showroom to discuss your project with our Veneer and Lumber specialists.

It will be our pleasure to provide samples showing the intricate details, subtle textures, and the radiant colors of the finest woods in the world.

Featured Veneers
Ash, Quartered Figured
Beech, Steamed, Quart'd Unfigured
Cherry, Plain Sliced Unfigured
Cherry, Quartered Unfigured
Eucalyptus, Pommele Figured
Eucalyptus, Quartered Figured
Eucalyptus, Quartered Unfigured
Gum, Red
Larch, Fumed, Quartered Unfigured
Maple, Plain Sliced Unfigured
Maple, Plain Sliced Figured
Maple, Quartered Figured
Maple, Quartered Unfigured
Myrtle, Figured Red
Oak, Fumed Ebony
Oak, Spessart
Sycamore, Quartered Figured
Tineo, Quartered Unfigured
Planewood, Fumed, Quartered

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