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Shared Concerns For Our Environment

As the need for and interest in Certified Veneers has grown exponentially, we have continually expanded our inventory of certified products. We also carry "thinking green" into our manufacturing operations, striving for peak efficiency while minimizing energy consumption and preserving quality standards.

In today's building market, architects, designers and building owners alike want solutions that offer high quality products and make environmental sense. We can help you build greener.

  • We have the largest stock of FSC® certified veneers and lumber on the West Coast
  • We manufacture FSC® certified architectural panels
  • Our products contribute toward earning points for LEED™ Certification
  • We have been an FSC® CoC Certified company since 2003

Exotic Hardwoods & Veneers is pleased that we have received the Scientific Certification Systems Chain-of-Custody Certificate (SCS-COC-000896).

FSC® is a forest conservation program whose goal is "to recognize the highest levels of performance in ... environmental protection and social responsibility ... and to stimulate continuous improvement in sustainable development." They accredit third-party certification bodies such as SCS to conduct assessments of forestry operations and companies that sell lumber or products made from wood. These assessments are conducted using regional representatives and indicators that are based on the FSC® Principles and Criteria.

Forest Stewardship Council™

is the world's leading forest certification system

FSC's® system ensures that forests are harvested and maintained in a well-managed manner, and that recreational, social, economic and aboriginal needs are considered. FSC® is the only forest certification system approved by the United States Green Building Council for use as "certified wood" in the Council's Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED™) Rating System.

Additional information on the Forest Stewardship Council™ is on their website: www.fscus.org. Information on the United States Green Building Council is at www.usgbc.org.

To learn about our other certification partners, including those overseas, click here.

To view our Policy for sourcing Certified Materials click here.

FSC Certified Veneers
Alder, Plain Sliced Unfigured
Ash, French, Quartered Figured
Beech, European Steamed
Cherry, Plain Sliced Unfigured
Cherry, Quartered Unfigured
Eucalyptus, Block Mottled
Eucalyptus, Pommele Figured
Eucalyptus, Quartered Figured
Eucalyptus, Quartered Unfigured
Eucalyptus, Fumed, Quarterd Unfigured
Fir, Vertical Grain
Larch, Fumed, Quartered Unfigured
Maple, Plain Sliced Unfigured
Maple, Plain Sliced Figured
Maple, Quartered Unfigured
Maple, Quartered Figured
Oak, Spessart, Rift Cut
Oak, Quartered Fumed Ebony
Pearwood, Plain Sliced Unfigured
Planewood, Fumed, Quartered
Sapele, Quartered Unfigured
Sapele, Quartered, Fumed
Sycamore, Quartered Figured
Tineo, Quartered Unfigured

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